This is the start of my very first blog and I would like to say Welcome!

I’m Heidi and I’m a farm kid who grew up on a small dairy farm in northern Wisconsin. I have many experiences from my childhood that would make interesting blog entries. I currently own a small hobby farm and raise goats, pigs, chickens, children, and one horse.

Oh my goodness, I threw the kids in with all the critters!

There are days where I feel it’s easier to herd goats than kids, hence they got thrown in with the critters.

The purpose of this blog is to share my ongoing experiences with raising kids on the farm. I hope to help my readers discover their inner farmer and hopefully learn from my mistakes as I raise my kids on the farm.

I believe I’m going to start this blog with a series of lessons I have learned, so far.



3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Heidi and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Here you will meet many people either doing as you are raising kids and animals on a small farm or as I am enjoying my retirement in the capital city of New Zealand. And some of those people you meet will become life long friends. I was going to join you but you haven’t put up the link.


  2. Welcome Heidi! Judith alerted me to you and glad to make your aquaintence. We are part pd a group that started blogging about six and a half years ago. We come from all over the world. Judith in New Zealand, Darlene, a Canadian like me, but now living in Spain, Joss, also a Canadian living in Cuenca Ecuador. On and on. Check one of Judith’s recent posts for some links. And Cecilia at Thekitchensgarden has lots of farming folk commenting, both new and experienced!


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