Proud Moments

I’m moving away from my little “life lessons” to share a brief moment where I was proud of my little guy.

On our farm we have a variety of chickens, a pig, a horse, and some milking goats. Right now I am only milking one goat twice a day until I wean the kids off the other goat then I milk two. I have a two goat limit.

Today Lucian decided he wanted to help me milk Nora, the goat. Until today whenever I asked him if he wanted to try milking her he would say, “No, she’ll kick me.”

Today he decided to give it a try. He sat next to me on the milking stand and watched as I squeezed out milk then he gave it a try. I helped him a bit and he tried again by himself. He did a great job for his first time. He was able to get milk out for a while until he lost interest but for a 3 year old he did amazingly well.

I am proud of him for trying something that had previously scared him. This morning he was an independent little man and wanted to help his mom do chores. He learned something new without having to be pushed into it and I’m proud of him for that.

I was also proud of him a few weeks ago when he wanted to help his dad clean the pig pen. He has his own mini wheel barrow and Trenton loaded it up for him before they both hauled out their loads. It’s amazing that my 3 year old enjoys a little work.


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