Winter in WI

Winter can be hard on kids, adults, and animals and there are days we act like bears and try to hibernate but other days are great for snowy fun.

Living in an area where the weather fluctuates 50 degrees from one day to the next can really mess with a person’s system. Last week we had a few days where the temp at 7am was -25 and then it was 25 above 0. How can mother nature swing like that?

When it’s -25 nothing can be done but keep the fire burning, the animals in the barn out of the wind, and hope nothing breaks. At -25 THINGS BREAK! I spent an hour outside trying to thaw out our well pump before the pipes burst and the housing cracked on the pump. Luckily we were able to thaw it without anything actually breaking.

Our 3 almost 4 year old son does not appreciate the cold weather either. He loves to go out and play but when it’s that cold going outside to play is not an option. He does not hibernate well, he wants to play in the cold air and snow. After a few days of being cooped up he turns into an angry bear rather than a sleepy one.

Today was one of the first days where it was about 10 degrees outside and the boys took advantage of it. They went sledding down our hill behind the barn and enjoyed every minute of it. After they were done sledding Lucian did not want to come in the house yet. He took the snow shovel papa gave him for Christmas and started shoveling the driveway. When he came in a bit later he said “I was working hard. I shoveled the driveway so Fiona can walk outside now.” Fiona is his 1 year old baby sister and she just started walking right before the holidays.


I am glad he was able to get outside today and I hope the weather will stay above 0 for a while.


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